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Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Egypt: learn about pyramids, egyptians, gods and goddesses, King Tut, hieroglyphics, and even learn new words!

    One thing I have greatly enjoyed learning about for many years is everything about ancient Egypt (culture, language, religion, etc). I would have to say that this is definitely my main interest. I have collected many books on ancient Egypt and have even been learning how to write in Egyptian hieroglyphs. In this website I have included everything about ancient Egypt from my knowledge over the past years, as well as information from some books and websites.
    * If you find any bolded words throughout my website, their definitions can be found in the "Egyptionary". *

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New and Improved
6-26-05: more facts added to "Duties of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses" page

6-27-05: -family tree chart of gods and goddesses relations added
             -new page started-->The Mystery of Cleopatra's Death


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