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Ancient Egypt
An Introduction
Pyramids of Egypt
"Beautiful Festival of the Valley"
The Mystery of Cleopatra's Death
Photo Gallery
Duties of Gods and Goddesses
Gods and Goddesses Family Tree
The Process of Mummification
Egyptian Writing
Craft Workers
Egyptians' Theory of the Creation of the Earth
My Own Work
King Tutankhamun
Egyptian Menu
Ancient Egyptian Fun

Most of the information on my website I used from previous projects I have done, but there have been other information which I received from the following websites, books and documentaries. If it does not seem like I have enough source information, please keep in mind that I will keep adding more to the bibliography over time (and you can count on seeing a page titled "Egyptian Writing" very soon).

Camino Ramon, San Ramon
Video Visits
Egypt: Land of Ancient Wonders

The British Museum
The Trustees of the British Museum

Christian Jacq
Fascinating Hieroglyphics:
Discovering, Decoding & Understanding the Ancient Art
Sterling, New York City, NY

Clive Barrett
The Egyptian Gods and Goddesses:
The Mythology and Beliefs of Ancient Egypt
The Aquarian Press, Hammersmith, London

Aidan Dodson
The Hieroglyphics of Ancient Egypt
James Morris & Aidan Dodson

Geraldine Woods
Science in Ancient Egypt
Franklin Watts, Toronto, ON