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Ancient Egypt
Gods and Goddesses Family Tree


What does this mean?
Let's start from the top of the chart....

1.) It explains that Ra (in the beginning known as Amun) created three goddesses and one god: Bastet the cat goddess, Tefnut the goddess of moisture, Shu the god of the air and Ma'at the goddess of truth and justice.

2.) Tefnut married her brother Shu, and together they had two children named Geb and Nut.

3.) Geb the god of the earth married Nut the sky-goddess and they had four children: Seth, Nephthys, Osiris and Isis.

4.) Nut gave birth to Ra, but Geb was not the father. Nut would swallow Ra and then give birth to him by spitting him out each morning.

5.) Seth married his sister Nephthys and together they had Anubis.

6.) Osiris married his sister Isis and together they had two children named Hathor and Horus (who also ended up marrying each other).

TEFNUT, the goddess of moisture