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Ancient Egypt
"Beautiful Festival of the Valley"
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"Beautiful Festival of the Valley"
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This festival was held annually in Egypt in which Egyptians danced to music, drank, sang and visited their ancestors.

     Canals created by men were dug across the West Bank floodplain. One canal extended west from the Nile across from Luxor Temple to Medinet Habu. Another canal ran from the Karnak Temple to the Temple of Seti I. These canals joined a south-north canal at the edge of the desert that connected small harbours in the New Kingdom. These canals played an impotant role in the "Beautiful Festival of the Valley" annually.

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     This joyous Egyptian ceremony to place in the second month of the summer. Staues of pharaohs and gods were taken from cult temples on the East Bank to each of the memorial temples lining the west. In the memorial temples, royalty and priests celebrated the union of the living pharaoh. It is considered injustice to refer to the temples as "mortuary temples". Egyptologists prefer the term "memorial temples", however, the Egyptians called them "temples of millions of years". The ceremony was quite a joyous one. After the "Beautiful Feast of the Valley" ended, the Egyptians always looked forward to the following year, when the ceremony would again take place.