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King Tutankhamun
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I hope you enjoy my short essay on King Tutankhamun....nevermind the grammar; I was only 12 years old when I wrote this.

     You're probably wondering, "how do people know about king Tut?" Well, the answer to that would be, "a person discovered him". That person is Howard Carter. In 1922 Howard Carter found King Tut's tomb in the Valley of the Kings. Two statues of King Tut were found outside the door to the inner room. The four smallest shrines were covered with gold. The color of the room was gold and blue glaze. The three smallest mummy cases were shaped to fit the body. It was pure gold, heavily decorated and weighed 900 pounds! Inside the smallest mummy case was a mummy complete with jewels.


     The mummy would be wearing a diadem (a scarab buckle for good luck), several pectoral collars, two gold rings and thirteen bracelets.
     You're probably thinking, "what other things were discovered in King tut's tomb?" Well, some other things that were found are boats to take on trips through heavens, weapons (like swords, spears, bows and throw sticks), an intricately carved golden throne, six magnificent full-sized chariots, precious ails or food such as fruit, wine meat or bread, one hundred statuettes, life-size statues of a king and guards, ornate chests of clothes, shoes, jewels and houshold objects like chairs, beds and gameboards.