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The Victorian Age

Victorian Disses

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This is how we diss people....the Victorian way
All you have to do is take a word (or phrase) from column #1 and put it together with words/phrases from columns #2 and/or #3. Some examples are listed at the bottom of this page.

Ace-high (first class, number one)
Balled up (confused)
Bloody (damned, fucking)
Bang up (first rate)
Blowing (boasting, bragging)
Boss (very best, top)
Dreadful (very)
Bender (drunk, intoxicated)
Bilking (cheating)
Cragged out (tired, worn out)
Dragged out (tired, worn out)
Full as a tick (very drunk)
Bender (drunk)
Between hay and grass (neither boy or man)
Blowhard (bully)
Bilk (cheat)
Bunko artist (con man)
California widow (separated from husband; not divorced)
Chiseler (cheater)
Coffee boiler (lazy person)
Croaker (pessimist)
Crowbait (low-quality horse)
Curly wolf (tough/dangerous man)
Four-flusher (a cheat, lying)
Heaping (many, a great deal)
Namby-pamby (sickly, sentimental)
Offish (distant)
Played out (exhausted)
Promiscuous (careless)
Shoddy (poor quality)
Stumped (confused)
Half seas over (drunk)
Roostered (drunk)
Skedaddling (running away, run like hell)
Soaked (drunk)
Deadbeat (bum, useless person)
Gospel sharp (preacher)
Granger (farmer)
Grass widow (divorcee)
Hang around (loiter)
Hard case (worthless/bad man)
Mudsill (low-life)
Odd stick (eccentric person)
On the shoot (troublemaker)
Shave tail (inexperienced person)

Some put downs:
1. Dreadful bender

2. Bang up, bilking bunko artist

3. Balled up, soaked granger

4. Promiscuous, roostered hard case

5. Shoddy, cragged out coffee boiler you can make your own!!